Mike Roibu

Game Developer

Currently working as a Lead Server Developer with Freejam Games. Interested in all manner of programming, but most proficient at back-end programming of multiplayer games and web development.

Cassandra Gotchas / Best Practices / Flaws

Cassandra is a distributed NoSQL database. One of the most annoying things about introducing new developers to Apache Cassandra has been the counter-intuitiveness of parts of the design. Another annoying thing has been introducing them to the myriad tools and commands needed for managing Cassandra. I plan to summarise here the major problems new developers seem to have when first encountering the database. First the obvious, and often mentioned, ones.

Hello World!

Welcome to my personal website. It’s recently undergone a rewrite, which means there’s barely anything on it. I’ll try to add more things and delete this post before the year is up. (In before it’s 2020 and this still exists.)